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We will happily receive either your general donation or your donation specifically for kefir grains through our Paypal account. Click on the appropriate button below for the kind of donation you would like to make. Credit card and debit card donations are also accepted through this account.

Pockets of the Future is a very labor and time intensive project. It includes not only an enormous load of daily maintenance activities but also research and development of homesteading with documentation that can be shared; research, development and implementation of our new spiritually based homeschooling curriculum; writing intensively about inner development and its role in building a living future; continuous discovery about and a full involvement in natural family life; a constant search for new and existing "pockets of the future"; as well as the writing of several books on related subjects and the sharing of our health-promoting real kefir grains.

We greatly appreciate your donation to this project and the vision behind it. Please support us so that we may support you. Thank you.





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