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But What Does Being “Prepared” Truly Mean?

Posted by pockets

Ideas about “preparedness” are getting a lot of extra traction during these days of the underpinnings of our economy and the fear of people being exposed. I even saw the article “Hard Times Have Some Flirting with Survivalism - Economic Angst has Americans Stockpiling ‘Beans, Bullets and Band-Aids’” on msnbc.com yesterday. Here are some snippets from the article:

With foreclosure rates running rampant, financial institutions teetering and falling, prices for many goods and services climbing, and jobs being slashed, many Americans are making preparations for worse times ahead. For some, that means cutting spending and saving more. For others, it means taking a step into survivalism, once regarded solely as the province of religious End-of-Timers, sci-fi fans and extremists.

That often manifests itself as a desire to secure basic emergency resources — what survival guru Jim Wesley Rawles describes as “beans, bullets and Band-Aids.”

“There are a lot more people — a lot more eager people — who are trying to get themselves squared away logistically,” said Rawles, who lectures and writes books on preparing for and surviving “TEOTWAWKI” — The End Of The World As We Know It.

“I’m getting slammed with big orders,” said Kurt Wilson, a distributor of freeze-dried foods and other provisions with decades-long shelf life, like canned meat, cheese and butter.

“I have customers who were spending 200 bucks a month now spending $5,000 to $8,000,” Wilson said from his warehouse in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. “I get little old ladies calling up, stocking up for their grandchildren.”

Seattle survivalist Hagmahani sees such commodity hoarding as just a partial measure for weathering a financial crisis.

On his blog, mutuallyassuredsurvival.com, he advises people to prepare for a “major paradigm shift” that will, in a decade, leave the U.S. with a Third World economy.

He said he began his preparations after witnessing the burst of the high-tech bubble in 2001, paying off the family’s debt, moving his assets away from stocks into safer investments, including, he implies, some precious metals and offshore accounts.

In the last three or four years, he has led his clan away from what he calls their former “yuppyish lifestyle.” They no longer eat out, cook most meals from scratch, and rarely drive their one car. They also are all learning practical skills — such as sewing, nursing and wielding a gun for self-defense.

“One thing I’m adamant about is that each of the kids needs real skills; they can’t just be a pencil pusher,” says Hagmahani of 19-year-old Hans, Sofia, 14, and Erik, 12. “You might get lucky and get a cushy job, but you might not. You need high-tech skills and low-tech skills for dealing with a systemic breakdown.”

Stocking up on food, lowering debt, building skills… These are all good things when done with the right attitude. As a matter of fact, I think that stocking up on food, living within one’s means and building skills used to be a pretty natural and common aspect of life. The present day idea of needing both high-tech and low-tech skills in order to deal the breakdown of the present manmade system is sound advice. But does it really constitute being “prepared”?

Michael Bunker says absolutely not:

One of the problems, though, with the preparedness folk, is that they do not see beyond the fundamental errors of the people. Whereas the ignorant folk say “I have no need of storing up any goods when there is a nice, shiny, clean store just down the road”, the preparedness folk say, “Yes, and I will go to that store and buy up enough food for X years”, as if they know that X years supply of food will be sufficient. In both cases, the people are relying on the store. The ignorant folk say, “the government will take care of me if I run out of food, water, or shelter”, and the preparedness folk say, “Well, I would rather rely on myself and chance”. By this I mean that neither desires to make a wholesale change in the very principles and worldview that inform their decisions. Neither desires TODAY to be dependent on God and His Word. Neither wants to give up modern comfort and modern security in order to throw themselves on a Holy and Righteous God. I’ve seen it for years.

Many of you may not know that I was a preparedness teacher many years before the Y2K scare of a decade ago. In fact, I was teaching preparedness before I had even heard of Y2K. I finally gave up when I realized that people will prepare for events, and they will prepare for hardships - but only so long as their fundamental principles are not challenged. They will not accept the idea that the very fundamentals of their industrial/commercial society is Anti-christ, and mentally and spiritually crippling. They will not accept that the way they have chosen to live is why the system is evil and must eventually collapse. They will not accept that their perpetual 72 degree lives are designed to ease them into hell. They will prepare, so long as the preparations guarantee a certain standard of living, and say to them that they will not die hungry or thirsty, or from some horrendous calamity, and that some day… things will return to “normal”, which is to say that they will one day get to return to their lives of colonized leisure and comfort.

So… we can see that some will not leave Sodom at all because they are Sodomites,and some will leave, but will turn back hoping it is not utterly destroyed.

Preparedness for events is a recipe for eternal and spiritual failure.

I am not saying you should not buy food from stores, especially when it is on sale and you have not yet developed a system of food production for yourself and your family. I am saying that you should not rely on a band-aid when you have a potentially fatal bullet wound. 10.07.2008 October Rants (or “Rants-fest”) Part 1 (You have to scroll down the page.)

A great point. As a matter of fact, it is the most important point regarding “preparedness.” What is our internal state? How much do we understand of natural laws as opposed to man made rules? Understanding the differences and learning to live within the natural laws are the most profound and powerful preparedness measures we can take. Then at that point, we can meaningfully begin to prepare practically in our daily lives. The latter without the former is merely re-arranging the playing pieces on the same old game board when we should be switching to a different game board altogether. The real game board is entitled:

Fix up your goal which should be ‘complete oneness’ with God. Rest not till the ideal is achieved. Maxim 3

Once we are on the right game board of life, and we tailor our actions to that and set aside the unthinking, societal ways with which we have been indoctrinated, then we can say that we are on our way to becoming “prepared” for life in a dramatically changing world.

As a matter of fact, we are slowly starting to add a new curriculum into The Lionsgate School program aptly entitled “Prepare and Pray!” I will be posting much more about this in the future.

May we all prepare now for the real emergency in our lives - which is not economic but of the heart.

From the beautiful mountains of southwest Virginia,

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  1. Trixi Said,

    We have been living on the track of getting back to the basics and being self sufficient for a while now. It just so happens that we don’t look so crazy now to our family.LOL Thank you for sharing these exerpts and I will be watching for more on your prepare and pray curriculum.

  2. pockets Said,

    Dear Trixi,

    Yes, things are starting to become a bit clearer for people, aren’t they? Folks say to us ALL the time, “Boy, are you guys on the right track.” Trouble is it is usually said in a tone implying that they could never live this way. It is just a neat thing someone else is doing. That has to change and I suspect that it will change.

    I have searched the web and found so little commentary on the Prepare and Pray curriculum that I plan on posting about it as extensively as I can. I think I will go so far as to make it a separate category and “really go to town” in a living in the country sort of way (!). For instance, I can share many resources I already have that dovetail beautifully with it. So thank you for the encouragement in this regard.

    With warm regards,

  3. Robin Brashear co-author of Prepare and Pray Said,

    I am so extremely honored and blessed that you are putting the word out on Prepare and Pray!
    We sincerely believe with all our hearts that this work was a Kingdom commission given to our family, to help others through the days ahead. We have some amazing “behind the scenes” stories that confirm the hand of our Father on this work. It is vital that others follow your example as they use Prepare and Pray, and spread the word rapidly while we all still have time to adjust to coming changes.

    I was just this morning reading in Ezekiel 33 that individuals and nations that may have had righteous beginnings will not be spared of judgement based on their history, if later they fall into idolatry and disobedience. Those who expect America and Western civilization to be spared of judgement YHWH was willing to pour out even on Israel are sadly mistaken. But hope is also found in Ezekiel 33, that even when all those around us are disobedient, and we have been oblivious of coming judgement, we can wake up, get busy, turn from wickedness, and receive reward for faithfulness. This is a promise even for “late starters”.

    This shofar call toward a lifestyle of faith-filled simplicity can either be just another seminar/book/meeting or DVD we tickle our ears with ( also warned of in Ezekiel 33) or it can be a catalyst for change in our actions, our family patterns, our relationship with our Creator. I really appreciated what you had to say about people reacting by buying more “stuff” rather than making the hard choice of shifting their paradigm, learning skills, and exercising faith. May your family be abundantly blessed for walking this out and encouraging others to follow.

    On a practical note: Your earth oven is THE COOLEST!!!!!! This is something I have always wanted to do and have not yet tried. Bravo!!!! Do you have some instructions for this masterpiece of homestead simplicity?! The photos of your children using this just blew us away! What a competent team you have…

    Blessings and Shalom,
    Jim and Robin Brashear

  4. pockets Said,

    Dear Robin,

    Thank you for your passionate comment. I appreciated it very much. The process of building Prepare and Pray into our curriculum has been so significant that it is one of the reasons I have started a second blog that focuses on our homeschooling efforts. I will be able to include posts that concentrate more on our experience of using Prepare and Pray there than here, I think. It will be a way for me to try to keep something of a record that is available to any others who may find it of use.

    Yes, directions for the earth oven came from Kiko Denzer’s book “Build Your Own Earth Oven.” Read, digest, instruct children, stir, apply and there you go - a beautiful oven and fantastic bread. It would be right up your alley. When you get your land, you could easily build one. Perhaps you could even do it before that where you are right now. That would knock the socks off of those children in your neighborhood, eh?

    Thank you again for commenting. You might like to stop by The Lionsgate School blog every once in a while and see what we are up to with your curriculum. Button is on the right sidebar.

    Blessings on you and your work,

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